About Us



Investment Criteria

  1. Rugosa concentrates on attractive, startup and growth-stage “maturing” companies that are undervalued, have a good executive/management team, and already have significant industry-related investors.
  2. We invest in technology-driven business models, not necessarily technology companies.
  3. We concentrate on companies that find themselves in the “Valley of Death” or in the “Capital Gap.”
  4. We concentrate on companies that have significant potential intellectual property assets (e.g., patents, trade secrets, trademarks).
  5. We look for relatively low valuation entry points.
  6. We look for low capital entry points with promising exit returns (ROI).
  7. Typical investment range is between $50,000 and $1 million (with exceptions).
  8. We invest the committed capital in tranches based on predetermined milestones.
  9. Preferred Liquidity/Exit horizon is typically between two and four years.


  1. We do not marginalize ourselves to conventional investment criteria:
    1. We do not limit our investment parameters to a specific market vertical, which would force obvious opportunities to be ignored or overlooked.
    2. We have access to a network of subject experts who cover most market verticals in order to validate this philosophy.
    3. We won’t invest in models that cannot be understood, even after positive subject expertise review.
  2. We identify unique technologies and monetization concepts for companies that may not clearly fit the traditional investment parameters.
  3. We uphold the highest moral and ethical values for ourselves and the ones we interact with. These attributes are reflected in our name, “Rugosa” – the ancient “Horn Coral” that is indigenous to Davidson County of Middle Tennessee. In biblical times, the horn was the symbol of Royal Dignity, Strength, Honor, Power and Victory. We will not compromise those principles.


We provide ongoing support to our investments and will do whatever we can to make these investments successful.